1:12 Scale Capacious Colonial – Bathroom Completion

Bathroom Finished – The fastest room yet

I would have to say this was definitely the fastest room so far.  I had a pretty good idea about what I wanted at the start so it was just a matter of actually making it. A divine spa bathroom is something I have never really had in real life and without winning some kind of mega lottery – is something I will likely never have.  SO what better way to realise your dreams than by making it in miniature =).

The Basics

I had to have a wooden floor because I adore wood. It is so warm and comforting.  However, I didn’t want to do the wide plank flooring again. So this time I opted for a tiled look with alternating grain runs, if that makes sense.

I did originally stain it with the same Japanese Black as the lower level floors but it just didn’t do it for me.  So I sanded it all back, by hand and boy it took ages! Here it is in the finished bathroom – a nice buttery warm colour and finished with beeswax.

bathroom main

To make the room a bit more cosy I decided on a black ceiling. The next thing I really wanted was a backdrop and plinth for the bath to make it the focal point of the room. I also wanted to hide the toilet. The plinth and backdrop are removable. I was going to cheat and NOT make the “hidden” toilet but I couldn’t do it! The backdrop looks like this on the back – toilet and shower problem? No problem.

toilet and shower

There is a small step up from the wooden floor area to the entire tiled back wall.


I had already made a cabinet I had planned to use in the bathroom, so I went one step further and turned it into an actual vanity by adding a sink. I made the sink from a china planter I had bought at a show. It actually had a stand – I cut it off using my trusty Dremel and drilled a hole in the bottom to make a plughole. I cut a hole in top of the cabinet to sit the “sink” in. That’s a scary image in the mirror!


I had this diy cabinet as part of a kit I bought online and made it for storage.

storage cabinet

The last bit of furniture I wanted was a bench to relax on because uber bathrooms need a seat!

Some more views of the room.

vanity side the bath cabinet side

My first hand woven rug! I nee ded something chunky.

bathroom rug

The cushions on the bench were NOT made by me.  I bought them off the lovely Yeslovehandmade on Etsy.

The opening wall

Once again I turned the single window that came with the house into a double. I frosted the bottom half (eg: I sanded the plastic hah!) like the other window in the room. I decided to make this wall into a feature. I built up some white chalk paint to be stucco like, dabbed on the teal colour, sanded it back and waxed it.  As with the other window I made a Moroccan style window surround, then added some knotted twine and bead “curtains.

bathroom window

So there we go! Another room down..bedroom, attic and exterior to go

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