1:12 Scale Capacious Colonial – Completed Living Room

Finished You Betcha!

I finished my living room at last! I think last time I showcased the couch and chairs and whatnot so it was just a matter of making some cushions and adding a light and the bits and pieces that make a room a home and here it is.1:12 Scale Capacious Colonial - Living Room Update 2!

The only items I didn’t make myself are the glass items on the sideboard to the left of the fireplace. If I could make them I would but miniature glass blowing won’t be one of my skill sets. I fill my cushions with decorative sand to give them a bit of substance and weight which I think makes a lot of difference when trying to create a *real* feel.

I see the light!

Lights always take me ages to make and this one was no exception.  I love the high ceilings in this house so decided to make a decorative feature for the light to hang from to accentuate and draw the eye up. What better than some pretty wood patterning and a boho twist on the light.  The frosted *glass* shade is actually a vanilla paste clear hard plastic container that I sanded with really fine sandpaper.

More pics

As with the rest of the ground floor I haven’t used a lot of colour but stuck to my fave black and white with muted greys and some blue. Hopefully the addition of natural woods adds some warmth to an otherwise cool palette.

This is my doggy bed built into an old cabinet and it has it’s own light =) I even made a pic of him with his ultra cute one ear up and one ear down look.


And finally…

The internal part of the living room includes a double window (originally just a single) and had to have some “dressing”. I made some sheers in black for the windows and a mirror for the wall.  This portion of the front opening also includes the front door. I hate going to the door in my house because people can see through the glass side panels and I can’t hide! SO for this house I made the glass in the door opaque. Inside I added some detail above the door to add a bit of ooooof!



So there we have it, my finished living room all ready for slouching around on the couch and watching the idiot box – and then covering it up so we can’t see it 😉 Of course I finished this months ago and have subsequently made some great progress on my Moroccan inspired bathroom which features in the next post

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