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This was a very busy year for my darling man – with two of his three children (both daughters) getting married within I think 6 weeks of each other.  I wanted to do something special for the stepdaughters and what better than mini versions of the wedding cake, and because I love to over reach myself, the bouquet as well.

I had some good pics of the cake with my back as reference so I could gauge the scale.


And many of the bouquet but here is the main one I referenced.


The Cake

The cake was made with polymer clay in 3 pieces and then assembled like a real cake – with superglue. The “buttercream icing” is my favourite mix of white acrylic paint, cornflour and a bit of white wood glue. I did a plain smooth coat and let that dry. Then I made a teeny version of a cake comb from some flexible plastic and laid a textured coat of buttercream.  The plate is some plastic disc thingy I had, it was just the right size – painted silver booyah. I sealed the cake with a satin topcoat.

The Flowers

I moved on to making flowers for both the items. I actually counted how many proteas, roses of each colour, and the other flowers I needed for the items, doubled the amount (can never have too many extra flowers hanging around) and made them all.  The flowers are all made of paper – I have never been that easy around clay flowers – I’m too rough! Then I made the leaves for proteas and roses. Followed by a wide variety of sizes of decorative gum branches, native planty stuff (can you tell I’m not really a gardener or someone who knows plants) .

Adding Flowers To The Cake

Using my pics for reference, I glued the flowers to the cake in the appropriate places and where possible, drilled a small hole into the cake for the stems to be glued (added stability).

The next step I add any native bits of shrubbery and larger leaves, then fill in with the gum branches. This is the time I will make something specific if it is needed to match the real cake.  When it’s over I give the whole thing a spritz of clear matt sealer, then run around the house like a mad thing really fast! Wait, no, that was the dog, not me =)

Building The Bouquet

I never thought to look at the back of the bouquet and how it was made, because I’m an idiot. So I had to make it up. I guesstimated the rl size of the bouquet and divided it by 12 to get my scale – I am a mathematical genius at this point. I made a cross of wire for the longest and widest points of the bouquet, and left an allowance for making a curved “handle”. I superglued plastic fly screen netting to it – the netting shape represents the basic shape you need to keep to thus preserving your scale silhouette.  This served as an anchor to either stick flower stems through or affix them to it with a needle and thread. Same as with the cake, I laid out where all the main flowers went (basically eyeballing) and fixed them to the netting. Then filled with larger pieces of shrubbery, larger leaves, then the long gum branches.  Detail leaves and small decorative flowers are added last. Fuss, fiddle, squeeze, bend and whip that bouquet into shape! The last thing I did was make a “hook” out of the excess wire at the top of the bouquet and covered it in teeny white satin ribbon. As you can imagine, the back of the bouquet is a HOT MESS. I covered it with a tastefully placed bit of fabric in green, or green card, or both and spritzed the whole thing with my clear matte spray.

The Finished Productsdanibouquetcake danibouquet

The bride and groom loved these and display them with their wedding photos.

These were lots of work, the bouquet actually got to the maddening stage but well worth it in the end.  Onto the next pair for the other stepdaughter! Well, maybe when I finish the livingroom of the Capacious Colonial!



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