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More Replica Wedding Cakes and Bouqets

As I said in my last Wedding Gift post, last year my darling man had 2 daughters get married within a very short period of time! The last post showcased the first cake and bouquet and after finishing the Capacious Colonial bathroom, I finally bit the bullet and finished the second lot. I actually finished the cake awhile ago but kept procrastinating about the bouquet, even though I had made most of the flowers already.

This time I took pics of the cake with my hand for reference – what an awesome concept!

And the bouquet – once again – the hand!


The Cake

First off I replicated the board using real wood and mixed up my own matching stain using pastel chalks and a water based gloss varnish.

I constructed the two tiers of the cake with alternating chocolate and vanilla coloured polymer clay. Again, my “buttercream” is my favourite mix of white acrylic paint, cornflour and some white wood glue. I basically naked cake iced it exactly like you would a real cake. Put the icing on, and then wipe it off in an artistic manner while spinning it! Cake assembled using superglue and put aside.

The Flowers

I counted up the main flowers in both the cake and bouquet and made double the amount. Then I can not only choose the best ones but have spares for my own dollhouse =) The majority of the flowers are made from the usual paper, wire and bits of thread.  I also used some green plastic aquarium plant for filler in the bouquet.

Adding Flowers To The Cake

I’m getting this down to a fine art. Main flowers, smaller flowers and then foliage – easy peasy. Some pieces of foliage/flowers I make to match exactly what is on the cake. Sort of like focal points. The filler foliage I am a little looser with and just make sure to get the silhouette the same. All finished and sealed with a spray of satin clear coat from a great distance to help keep the dust off.

Building The Bouquet

This second bouquet was a much easier build than the previous one as it’s a basic “posy” shape. I grouped the main flowers and wrapped the stems with cotton thread and white glue. Then I added the fillers like the gum leaves and plastic aquarium foliage and did the same thing – maintaining the silhouette as closely as I could. Lastly I added any tiny flowers and bits of foliage that best represented the shape of the bouquet. I couldn’t stuff it as full as I would have like without the bottom of it being hideously big.  After all this was dry I trimmed the bottom off at a uniform length, added some burlap and tada! Of course a good spray with satin clear and it was done!

The Finished Products




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