Dollhouse for a Dollhouse Gets a TV and more stuff

Progress? Yes sure…

Some progress on the 1:144 Scale dollhouse – the Teeny House, that I am making for my Capacious Colonial. I still haven’t had the guts to try and make stools for kitchen, because I am notoriously chair-o-phobic. The thought of the leg skinnyness is daunting.


The kitchen wall was looking a bit sad so I made this wooden shelf with crockery and a stainless steel mixing bowl. The crockery is paper and the stainless is a little finding I bought at a show.


Putting aside the lack of seating at the kitchen island…I moved onto doing some more items for the teeny livingroom.¬† The first thing – curtains. Wow fabric is so hard in this scale.


I also added this cute wall bookshelf – everything is made of wood.


I decided to make a window seat for the bay window, it just had to be. The seat is made from foamcore. The *decorative* cushions are pom poms and I even managed a throw rug – or throw scrap if you will =)

I really love saving floorspace, so this house is getting a wall tv. I made it out of ABS plastic (also known as pig plate?) and a bit of paint.

The lounge is coming along! I made that plant out of an offcut of foamcore and a piece of lycopodium. Need to make a sofa next.. and some barstools ^%$*!!


I never posted a photo of the actual dressed bed because I glued it in (or thought I did hah!) but here it is =)


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