1:12 Scale Capacious Colonial – Living Room Update 2!

What? More updates? You’re dreamin’!

No. You are not. I’m on a roll and want to get this blog up to date with my livingroom build which is close to finished.

The Couch

Definitely the most important piece of furniture for the room. I want squishy, I want luxurious and I want to stretch and nap. I decided on a wooden frame – because I can do wood things and enjoy it so much! Off to Pinterest. And I found this!


Definitely sort of what I want except mine will be chalk painted white. I did more magic math things and made an actual plan for the wooden frame! I photographed every step in case I wanted to make a tutorial, and I do, but not today. And I went a bit off the rails when fitting the back and side upholstered bit’s because 1: I didn’t want to make another one 2: I refuse to be bested by an inanimate object grrrrrr!

Aaaaaanyway I like the way it turned out and the wooden frame could be used as a base for any type of upholstery. Looks very comfy and squishy so mission accomplished! I bought that grey velvet for cushion covers about 2 years ago. It’s a huge piece of fabric, but since I made this couch I cannot find it haha.

couchside couchfront

Coffee Table

This was an easy one Рas in the choice of table. I wanted a chunky farmhouse look with a wooden top and pull out tin storage drawers. Basswood is what I used for this.  The top is coloured with a mix of pastels and stain.


There is a piece of furniture I have been waiting to make for over about 2 years and now I have a place for it I can make it.

The Armchair


I think this is probably one of the first miniature tutorials I pinned when I actually started my miniature fest. I thought I’d wait until I got to the right room, didn’t realise I would be waiting THAT long. The chair above is the inspiration for A Small Heart’s Desire Altoids Tin Slipper Chair tutorial. It’s an easy tutorial and easily adaptable – I didn’t have an Altoids tin but I had bought some little tins that would do. I didn’t have nice legs and my Dremel died just recently so I had to use stuck together beads. This was a fun make and I have 3 more tins so I might make more of these. And now I am also on a journey to make perfect tufted upholstery lol.



I decided to go with a blind because of the cabinets and made my favourite Austrian blinds. I also added a wood pelmet inside the window cavity – the blind is attached to the pelmet.


I have just ordered more lighting supplies and I still have to decide what type of lights I want in this room. I need to make cushions and a few other bits and then I can work on the front opening wall to this room. I will double up the window size as I did with the kitchen wall and continue the beam around. Then, it will be done!

I’ve had a day and a half off the tools and I am starting to go mad. Time to post this, have lunch and make something!


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