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Hola lovely mini lovers!

I am a 50+ woman from Victoria, Australia  who lives in a semi-rural area down near Philip Island. These days I shun the hustle and bustle of the city like the plague!  I have one fur-baby and one man-baby (aren’t they all).  The man-baby is my first real love from my teen years of 14-17, and after a 30 year break we got back together – it’s almost unbelievable!  Lucky for him, my fur-baby, who generally hates men on sight – also fell in love with him.  I rescued Genghis after he was dumped at a local vet and he recently turned 10 and I adore him even though he has an attitude problem 😉

The first mini’s I ever made were for a Viking Village I built on the bottom of an overturned basket for a school project.  I always loved little things and on an off through my life I have *dabbled* (primarly in making mini food) but life being what it is I never had the time or a stable place to pursue my hobby.  This is in fact the longest I have lived in one house (4 years) and the only time I have ever lived in a custom built house that is my own.  So I have spent the past few years making house *stuff*, restoring furniture and getting it just the way I want it – including having my own craft room yay!

So now I find myself with lots of time I thought it was about time I had my own dollhouse. I never had one as a child because we moved around A LOT and it just wasn’t do-able.  That and the fact I really hate dolls and always have (I used to call them *dead things* as a child) – you won’t be finding any of those here 😉

Oh yeah – I have been using the nickname Loverat since my 20’s on bulletin boards etc on the web – I am THAT old!

Cheers xx


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