Elcheapo dollhouse bathroom – smashed!

No, not THAT kind of smashed dollhouse…

Smashed it out and had awesome fun doing it.  My Instagram was updated with all the bits and pieces as I went along.  When I say *smashed* I mean like, at my pace =) I don’t know how some people do it but a good start would be to stop being attracted by shiny things..distracting!

I enjoyed doing this room as I finally got a *bathtub on a pedestal*..not something I have ever had in rl! Imagine…..ooooh …shiny bubbles…

dollhouse bathroom 1

I think my faves are the tiny toilet rolls including an empty one…but I am most proud of the loo, as you always are!

dollhouse bathroom 2

I also like the sink…which is a 1/12 scale flower pot painted with black nail polish.  Nail polish is fabulous for mini’s!

Ack! I just noticed looking at that pic above that my hook has fallen off the wall.  Nice quality control…I’ll have to give myself a good talking to

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