Halfscale Dining Room Finished

The finished halfscale dining room is also the front entrance…

Finally!  Well quite awhile ago actually but um, yeah catch up you know.  Slack blogger is slack..

These rooms are SO small!  But it is much better on this side without a staircase.  If I ever did this tiny house again I would make the lower floor open plan and move the stairs somehow.

halfscale dining1 halfscale dining2 halfscale dining3

The first thing I ever made for this house was this tiny dog collar and lead. A bit of a strange starting point. I haven’t even added a dogbasket or food bowls! That’s a bit sad =/

halfscale dining4 halfscale dining5

halscale deco

I love this little bag and diary I made for the entrance way! Halfscale can be quite challenging for a newb like me but then every once in a while you can make something really easily that turns out hell cute.

I have to thank Lavenderbelle Miniatures for the fabulous idea of using wallpaper samples as rugs.  They are such a sticking point for me. I have mataphobia, fear of rugs – actually I just made that up =)  Creative writing eh.

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