The Capacious Colonial gets some features!


Hello and welcome to the next update on my humungous 1/12 scale dollhouse. I have never discussed a style for this house. I will be doing a contemporary farmhouse meets rustic industrial meets shabby meets moroccan meets boho meets glam kinda style.  I like a mish mash of styles – hence the name. I would call my style – “the go with objects that make you happy and style be damned” style =) Having said that this place won’t have an enormous jumble of colours. It’s going to have some things I can’t/don’t have in real life.  Like soft white furnishings – which I don’t have because I can’t keep anything in real life white for longer than 2 seconds… I attract dirt like some 7 year old boy =D Mmmmmm whiiite.

Entry Built Ins

I didn’t want to be fiddling with furniture that will be behind the spiral staircase.  Not too mention, the space isn’t deep enough for *normal* furniture. I drew this up and made it out of bass wood. I added beadboard to the back of most of the shelves (cardstock scored with a stylus then painted).  For the back of the counter shelf I added the same tile as on the arches and whitewashed it. Two of the cupboards open – the other one was a pain in my bum so it was glued to shut it up ho ho =P The drawers work! After the floor is in I am going to build a rolling ladder otherwise the pretend midget people won’t be able to dress the shelves in their dollhouse 😉

dollhouse scratch built cabinet

Entry Floor

I always knew I would be laying in my own wood floors in my dollhouse because I love working with wood. I planned on wide plank flooring throughout the house and after realising I wanted the entry to be different I decided on a herringbone for the area.  So I diligently cut up a huge lot of planks (out of icy pole sticks with roundy ends) stuck it together and hated it. Because a) the sticks have a slightly bevelled edge and it annoyed me – I have no idea why b) they just looked too wide and the bevel wasn’t helping c) It just felt wrong – obviously because of that bevel – there was no way I was letting it get away with being so annoying.

After a weeks break (while I waited for the THIN coffee stirrers to arrive in the mail I spent time punishing the hated bevelled herringbone floor by staining it using acetone and artists pastels) , I tried again.  I also decided to buy a premade stain because the house is gonna look like crap if I make the stain because I will NEVER get it the same twice. It’s a Feast stain called Japanese Black, which isn’t actually black but a lovely, nutty, dark browny grey but that would be too hard to say.

I plan on doing  a tutorial the wooden floor making process soon so I won’t go into that now.  This is how it turned out

dollhouse herringbone floor

Still have to finesse those gaps (eg; stuff something in them and stain it).

Kitchen Ceiling

In accordance with my plan to make things hard for myself – I decided that as this dollhouse house has REALLY high ceilings – the ground floor rooms will have sloped ceilings. “OMG” I said to myself “you can’t just have a normal ceiling”. No, I can’t.  I made the kitchen ceiling shape from polystrene.  I cut a sheet of cardstock (from a fold out cake box) and lined it with faint pencil then scored over the top with a stylus and painted it white. Beadboard ceiling done.  Of course a sloped ceiling needs beams.  I made them out of some old hardwood I had, distressed them with chop marks, scratches, holes etc and then stained them.  I stuck them on and then added a crossbeam in white.  I can’t secure it until I decide where my lighting is going as they will all have to go through the fakey bit.

dollhouse dropped ceiling beams

Kitchen Window

By now I was really scared – because I would have to tackle lighting soon.  So I turned my attention to something not quite so scary that doesn’t involve eee-lec-tric things. I have a hankering for a “herb” or “glasshouse” window over my sink.  I saw one in real life and have had a wanting for it ever since. Even though we built our house – I wasn’t clever enough to have one put in – so the Capacious Colonial dollhouse gets one! I didn’t take any pics of the process because – slack.  I used the original window that came with the house.  On the outside I made a bump out framed in wood, used some thick plastic I had for windows and added shelves on the inside.  Now my herbs will be close to water and may learn how to water themselves =)

dollhouse greenhouse window insidedollhouse greenhouse window outside

Next instalment – the kitchen gets a floor and the LIGHTS go on woohoo!









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