What’s happening with my Capacious Colonial?

Capacious Colonial gets a much needed colour change!

Quite a bit actually! I will break this up into a few posts because I’m guessing I won’t get it all done right NOW.  Clearly it would be better if I updated more often but I had a few technical issues with the blog and that gave me a good excuse to be a slack arse =)

The Capacious Colonial is actually being worked on and I have achieved stuff.  It all started by going back to barewood…or that was the plan.  I asked my darling Manbaby if he could help me as I knew my patience doesn’t extend to sanding A LOT. There were layers of yellow and red enamel and wallpaper that had been glued on with we don’t know what. Eventually we got it to this state.

bare bones dollhouse

I also had Manbaby cut the two door openings on the ground floor into large arches for a more open living area.


Seeing as how I LOVE to cause trouble for myself I have decided on a spiral staircase.  I have made the parts but can’t install it until I do the floor in the entranceway. By the time I get to it I will have forgotten what I was planning! I didn’t follow any particular tutorial but there are a few I used linked on my Stairs board on Pinterest . Anyhow….I have proof…as the callgirl said to the bishop….a spiral staircase…in parts!


I wanted to make the arches be functional AND decorative, without impeding the view through the ground floor.  I have always loved the Moroccan/North African style of building with it’s obvious Arabian influences.  Mmmmm geometry.  So I decided to tile the inside of the arches and add very plain architraving (is that a word?) to the outside. The tiles are printed on cardstock. I gave them a light scoring between the tiles with a stylus and then added a couple of coats of satin varnish. They were stuck to some balsa strips which I then placed inside the architrave.  Booyah! I like that you can see them from the entrance in all their glory but they wouldn’t draw the eye looking from one end of the house to the other. Well that’s MY story and I’m sticking to it.


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