You really need a LOT of stuff for a kitchen don’t you?

Closing the front opening

My house is front opening and had one MASSIVE door. This is just silly – even titanium hinges are going to be compromised with 2 kilos of MDF board hanging off them.  I plan on having 4 separate doors on separate hinges.  This also means I can finish each room individually without having to work on a massive front that doesn’t even fit on my work space!  Originally the kitchen had a single window and as there are no windows on the back wall, light is a real issue with this house. So i doubled the window for the kitchen and will do the same for all the other front windows to allow more light.  I found these curtains on Pinterest and really liked them.  The fabric is a lining from a white dress I had and is sheer enough to not look clunky. I really hate chunky curtains in dollhouses I think they draw the eye and spoil the illusion. The wood detail fits along my raked ceiling and adds a bit of interest.


Kitchen First

Without doubt the kitchen is the room that needs the most bits and pieces.  I started making stuff for the kitchen before I even started on doing the actual house.  I have tried and tried to make china- but have never been happy with the outcome.  As it is cheap enough from China and Taiwan it is one of the few items I have bought for the house.  That and glassware which I love in real life and cannot make! Here are a few bits and pieces I made for the kitchen.

cupshelf crate clock artichokes


I love making litte deco items and trying different things it makes me happy happy happy!

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