Capacious Kitchen Be Finished!

But is it EVER really finished?

That is a good question and the answer would have to be…..NO! I still need to make a kettle, get some more glassware and fix a couple of blerg! bits I found while trying to take photos.  Which, btw, is very hard with a phone – I found myself taking pics blind – thankfully I set up my phone to take pics with voice control so I can just shout at it and it does its thang.

I am pleased with my first 1:12 scale kitchen, it turned out better than I expected it to be as I am still really a n00b apart from my 1:24 scale El Cheapo house.

I hope you enjoy looking at my kitchen and if anyone has any questions about how I made something – I will try my very best to help.  The tutorials I have planned are for wide plank flooring and the barstools….  but first I really MUST do some real life housework and finish a project I have left languishing. This is fairly pic heavy and there will be a video up on my Instagram very soon.







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