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Trying Something Different

Since I started miniatures, I always wanted to try my hand at a diorama.  I had an enormous ( about 15cm diameter) cup and saucer planter I was planning to use as a fairy garden. I had never made a fairy garden either but I was having a hard time getting enthused. I like reality, in real life and in huge teacups it seems.

I really had NO idea what I was doing I just knew where I wanted to go. I used things I had stored away for this project. Like grass scatter, tiny tufts of grass, trees and bits of dried plant. I made the rocks from decorative white pebbles for vases, picked up the logs outside and used some dried chamomile for leaf debris. I made a pool by gluing in some discarded packaging, I pushed it in while everything was still squishy, painted it and lined it with rocks/plants. The pool has actually had another layer of resin added and is deeper now.

I just kept layering plants, adding moss and scatter , trimmed the trees and painted their plastic brown wood much darker, and used purple flocking as wildflowers. I like how it turned out and might do some in dainty teacups. One day… or maybe a mini-version of this one! Hmmm.





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