Furnishing the Dollhouse for a Dollhouse

How fiddly is 1-144 Scale?

(Remember I made a Dollhouse for my 1-12 Scale Dollhouse back in this post?)

But also how much F U N??. It’s amazing how much detail you can get in some things and how you have to look  for simple solutions. It also really helps if you want to challenge your gluing skills and learn that very MUCH less is more than enough.

Here’s a few teeny things I have made so far.



Ugh – my fingers look HORRIBLE – and we won’t mention the nails =P

The kitchen so far

Wow – I thought it was hard taking photo’s in 1-12 scale! I just have to make some dishes etc for the shelves and some stools for the island.


The bedroom so far

I really like how the curtains turned out but wow was it fiddly! Should have taken a shot of the whole bed but it’s stuck in with glue now.



Still heaps to do and this is definitely a fun scale =)


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