Dollhouse for your Dollhouse – Tutorial by The Square to Spare

Basically it’s a 1-144 scale dollhouse….

.. which is the perfect size for your 1-12 scale dollhouse! (12 x12 = 144, see what I did there?!) Sooo cute. Ok the tutorial is by The Square to Spare on YouTube – who you probably know well if you watch a lot of tutes. DIY Miniature Dollhouse Tutorial.  I thought instead of a historical post of what I made…I’d post it when I finished. Like that’s gonna last.

Here’s My Version

sq2spminivic1 sq2spminivic2 sq2spminivic3 sq2spminivic1

Almost exactly the same! Except for the differences.  Let’s just say that when you take photo’s in full sun and view them in all their glory – every tiny flaw, gap, lump, bump, scratch and crooked line becomes obvious.  But that’s why I do it.  How on EARTH do people make perfect 1-144 scale houses. *Boggle*. A great tutorial by TStS – but not for the faint of heart! Have the pause button ready =)

I can’t wait to furnish!

Miniature lessons learned?


  1. I hate popsicle wood – the big ones – they are hard for me to cut by hand because I have the wimpiest hands ever. Next time I would use basswood for the bay windows and cut them using my dremel so they are all the same size!
  2. Although I am obsessed with chalk paint – this would have been better with a matte acrylic artist paint.
  3. I really need to learn to cut straight..even with rulers and sharp craft knives I suck.
  4. I REALLY need to put my glues into applicators with precise tips .. I really need to take more care when gluing.. I’ve been saying that now for a couple of years.
  5. Make sure you can reach things to paint them ALL sides before gluing.
  6. The Square to Spare is one of those tutorial makers who inspires you to challenge yourself!



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