Kitchen Lights and Wide Plank Floor

Lights…. or did you mean BLIGHTS?

Yes… it’s time to tackle that most feared thing in the dollhouse building world…lights!  This house came with a transformer and board able to take 12 lights and several actual lights.  I quickly decided that to use less than half of them in the kitchen would be shame inducing – 8 seemed fair! I made a plan because I had to.  Because there is a fake ceiling I have to make provision for the lighting to go through that before I can fix it more firmly in place.

I decided on: 3 pendants over the dining table, 1 large pendant over the island, one in the far right corner for the range hood and one in the far left where I plan to have a small seating nook thingy.

The first thing I did was cannibalise the lights that came with the house.  Quickly I learnt that the solder holding the wires to the lights is so fragile that a medium sized shout is enough to detach them. I mail-ordered more lights.


While waiting for those I made 3 industrial pendants out of some wooden bowls I had, some wire, chain, findings and enormous lashings of glue and paint.


I also blatantly ripped off a light I saw on Chip & Jo Gaines’ show. This is for over the island and will have 3 globes.


Oh the pain..

When the new lights arrived I set about adding them to the 3 metal pendants and testing if they worked and they did! I immediately set about painting those offending cords black.  I used nail polish and they looked great!  Wired up the wooden pendant and yes! Tested them with the metal – and only one of the metal pendants still worked. THE NAIL POLISH HAD MELTED THE COVERING PLASTIC AND SHORTED THEM OUT.  I mail ordered more lights.

Eventually, after another two weeks of waiting  I restrung the 2 pendants (through the ceiling and all) another test and finally the whole 8 worked. I have never been SO happy in my life.  I am now less afraid of the lights, can change the socket ends like a pro AND know not to use nail polish on those cords ever again.


Yay! I have much light! They are very yellow….I may have to check out some different bulbs OR maybe just add a coat of white to the globes……


Kitchen Flooring

During the great lighting fiasco I installed my kitchen floor.  I handcut basswood (I had no wide popsicle sticks) I think the planks are about 2.2 cm wide or so, they are quite chuncky.  Added scratches, dents, pits and nail holes then stained in the same Feast Japanese Black as the entry hall. They look very reclaimed wood.

Next time….the spiral stairs I started months ago finally get built.

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