Miniature French Chaise by 1inchminis

Miniature chaise relaxing outside a kitchen =D
First completed furniture project

The moment I saw this tutorial I knew I wanted to follow it!

First let me link you to the original French Chaise tutorial by the enormously talented Kris at 1InchMinis.

I downloaded the pattern for the chaise from the original tutorial.  Luckily for me Kris has a mini tutorial on resizing patterns so you get the correct sizing. I just took it a step further and resized it so I could work in 1:24 (half scale).  SO far so good..

Being an Aussie who works in Metric (cm’s) rather than Imperial (inches) I went to a handy conversion site and found out what those weird numbers actually were in millimetres. I then reduced the required thicknesses to half of that suggested in the original tutorial.

It is really hard to source some materials in Australia unless you live IN a capital city and can visit a modelling shop.  I also live regionally so its REALLY hard unless I plan ahead for 6 weeks and buy things on Ebay (and then wait…who wants to WAIT when the mini mood strikes?).  I didn’t have Foamboard so I made my base from balsa wood.

The back of the chaise I made from some cardstock but used 2 layers instead of three to reduce the thickness. I found it incredibly hard to work with – as it was my first time and had no idea what I was doing =)  I tried to make a smooth transition as Kris has but it looks crappy.  To try and get a smooth edge I actually sort of stuffed it with putty stuff and sanded it. Win? No not really but I learnt a lot!

The fabric inserts and making the cushiony bits were really easy as I am used to working with fabric.  For the trim I just used 3 strands of embroidery thread instead of the 6 that Kris uses. Her tutorial includes a mini tutorial on twisting the thread to make a nice edging – bonza! She really thinks of everything =)

I TRIED to make the lovely legs that Kris has in her tutorial but cardstock legs in 1:24 scale were so fiddly and I kept sanding entire layers of card off them.  Instead I hand turned (first time) some bits of basswood and made different legs.  Score!  One of them set a bit wonky so the chaise can look a bit drunk from certain angles but it does sit evenly.

What did I learn?

  1. My cardstock cutting skills need LOTS of work – a good small craft knife is essential for 1:24 scale
  2. Black fabrics are much more forgiving than white for me (I need to wash my hands every 2 minutes)
  3. Glue is my enemy =(
  4. I need to buy better quality paints and brushes
1:24 scale miniature chaise from various angles
Other angles of the chaise


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