Miniature Kit Makeover 4

What it was supposed to look like:

This is another kit in the Warm Dawn series – the other one I completed was Kit Makeover 1 . There is another one but I haven’t managed to get it!


What it ended up looking like:


I decided to make a more masculine/industrial feel to this pretty girly thing…begone little floral design walls…hello concrete. Totally changed the light fitting and made a wire covered wall light and changed the glass door of the storage cupboard to wire as well. The concrete wall is made from scored lightweight card.  I followed a tutorial by a guy on YouTube that make’s dioramas!  I wanted to practice wood turning a bit so I also managed to turn these little candles =)


Some other details:

kitbashfloraltoindustrialdetail5 kitbashfloraltoindustrialdetail3 kitbashfloraltoindustrialdetail2 kitbashfloraltoindustrialdetail1

Please excuse my always filthy nails – it’s something I have learnt to live with. You should see the rest of me! The window has a covering of art tracing paper – I feel this makes the outdoor view look not-quite-so fakey.

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