The Flakery

The Flakery


This is my first quarter-scale build and I am hooked! It’s heaps of fun trying to make these awesomely teen bits and pieces and I will definitely be doing a house next time.  I plan on making it scratch built but that’s a loooong way in the future as I am planning on working on The Capacious Colonial over the winter.

I bought this little kit for $5 off another Aussie dollhouse tragic because – cute! A little 2 story shoppe (definitely a shoppe).  The style reminded me of little shops in country towns across Australia that often have a coffee shop combined with some other kind of business.  I love making flowers and plants so it turned into a florist/cake&coffee shop.

The Style

I really wanted to try some bricking but I wanted bigger bricks that have been painted/whitewashed and the second story weatherboard with contrasting trim, white interior with plain wood floors and pops of colour for the windows and doors.   And definitely a corrugated iron roof! The bricks and planks were cut from cardstock, the ubiquitous popsicle wood floors and the roof is made from some coffee containers I kept because they were the perfect size for quarterscale iron. A splash of silver paint and some ageing and rust and tada! Quarter-scale isn’t as daunting as doing the same for my big house =D

theflakeryoutside2theflakeryoutside1 theflakeryoutside4

Little Details

I really don’t know how I can see making these little things.  My eyesight is naf.  I like documenting everything I make so I can look close up at my work and go “omg that hair stuck in the glue looks SO big”.  It reminds me to be more aware next time because I can be a bit slap dash when I get in a mood to make a lot of stuff.  Paint is horrible at this scale if it is improperly sanded stuff.  I really prefer wood to these paper kits for furniture – they never look crisp enough for me. I am very proud of a lot of the things – especially the couch/cushions/throw and the tiny cakes – they make me squee!

theflakerydetails1 theflakerydetails2 theflakerydetails3 theflakerydetails4



The Lounge

The upstairs had to be a nice relaxing lounge for the hardworking ladies who run the shop.  Somewhere to sit and have their lunch or catch up on paperwork. Very girly.  The sideboard even has little baskets that you can move in and out – proud!

theflakerylounge2 theflakerylounge1 theflakerylounge3

The Shoppe

I think the flowers need to be smaller and I have been practising making quarter-scale tulips, roses and peonies. The sink unit is probably my favourite bit – I love working with metal sheet! I will also be refining the cakes at some stage and I think the chocolate cake with orange slices was a challenge.  That was the smallest I have managed to roll out my orange cane! I managed to make chairs – chairs are hard for me they took ages lol.

theflakeryshop1 theflakeryshop2 theflakeryshop3 theflakeryshop4


After I built and decorated – I decided to put lighting in – my Instagram has a vid.  These are my first working led lights! I still haven’t hinged the front because I am going to have to remove some bricks and planks.  It was bad enough I had to build a little storage shed hanging off the back to hold the lighting control unit but ya gotta do what ya gotta do don’t ya?

Quarter-scale is really fun – aside from the numerous items I made and *lost* in the dreaded carpet in my craft room – it’s like a magnet for freshly painted tiny items. Imagine how many shops and houses you can store in this scale?

theflakeryfinished3 theflakeryfinished2






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