Capacious Colonial – The Outside and Finally Completed

The Porch

I bought this house second hand and the porch plate was an absolute wreck. So I made a new porch, smaller than the original so it would fit perfectly on this desk I am using to display the house.  I had an old bamboo slat laundry basket and I used the slats to make the porch boards, the window and door surrounds and contrasting siding.


Siding and Details

For the siding I used jumbo popsicle sticks and was really thankful I had an Easycutter! Just stuck them on, sanded them back and painted them white with homemade chalk paint.  I wanted to add some warmth so I framed out the windows and door with bamboo slats in a nice rustic dark wood. Added a couple of posts in black around the door and a number and it was done!


siding and details

The Finished House!

I am so pleased to have finished at last! It took a couple of years, with a big break in between and moving over 1500 km’s but it is finally done.  I still have some bits of lighting to fix and need to add a light on the front porch.  98% of the furnishings and decor I made myself and I wish I had kept a log of the many many hours of time I spent but what would be the fun in that!

finished lit open

finished lit closed

Wrapping Up

This is the first dollhouse I have ever owned and is now displayed in my office. I put the lights on almost everynight and just gaze at the glorious sight.  Last week I had some guys in fitting fly screens and they spent half an hour checking out the house and oohing and ahhing – it was so cute! Just about everyone loves miniatures – it seems to be a universal thing that we love seeing our lives in mini!

I don’t know if I will do another 1:12 scale house, for now I am moving into making quarterscale minis for my shop because I love the challenge of going even smaller. I DO have a quarterscale house kit to do but haven’t decided on a theme yet.  Of course, if I moved the sofa I have in this office – I COULD fit in at least another two 1:12 scale dollhouses in.  I am very keen to scratch build an entire house – but that would just be madness…wouldn’t it?

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