My 1-12 Scale Dollhouse -The Capacious Colonial

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My Capacious Colonial – my 1-12 scale journey begins

I spent quite about 6 months looking for a sensibly priced second-hand 1-12 scale dollhouse. Here in Australia, it’s not as easy to get “real” second-hand houses. The chances of finding one in an op shop were VERY slim. They are mostly kiddy toy style ones and I wanted an actual house – preferably by an Australian manufacturer.  Finally after trolling Facebook selling groups and Gumtree I found myself one!

This is the Colonial by Craftworks and it’s bloody huge compared to my teensy 1-24 (halfscale) Elcheapo!

1:12 capacious colonial 1

The one I snagged for A$100 is already built and has had some wallpaper, flooring, painting etc already done.  Of course all that has to go! The *default* build is 4 large rooms, 2 stairwell rooms and a large attic. That will all change as well 😉 Stairwells are a total waste of space and I plan on moving the stairs to run along the rear wall, or use spiral staircases as I want the ground floor to be open plan. The house came with a full lighting kit/board (a mystery to me as yet haha!) and some fireplaces. The front opens as one HUGE piece – I think that might have to be changed as well it’s just too ungainly! And a red roof is os so not my thing!

1:12 capacious colonial 1

Couldn’t wait to start ripping off ALL that paper!

1:12 capacious colonial 3

Even my darling assistant Genghis was chuffed about the paper ripping!

Genghis enjoying the capacious colonial


I am pretty keen to get going on this but will finish my halfscale Elcheapo first.  I have to get the rebuild/sanding/painting done while it’s summer here so I  can have it ready for furnishing over the cooler months when I don’t have to worry about the outside of our real house!

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