Kitchen of the El Cheapo is finally done!

Who doesn’t love a kitchen?

Naughty blogger…clearly, I have been distracted… making mini’s AND getting sucked into the world of Instagram.  And of course now I have forgotten everything I taught myself about using WordPress tsk tsk.  Short term memory loss ooooh yeah! But I have a finished kitchen and I’m pretty proud =)

I never did make that fitted shelving unit for under the stairs OR manage to make my teacups for hanging =/  However I am now going to give them a go using air dry clay as it seems a little more resilient for really thin things.  Also I SO don’t want to use the kitchen oven now that its hitting 34C outside!

I’m happy with how it turned out for my first go (if I don’t look TOO closely that is).

miniature kitchen finished 1

miniature kitchen finished 2

miniature kitchen finished 3

I was particularly happy with the blinds I made.  I used some textured plastic I found in some packaging which feels exactly the same as real live plastic rollerblinds.

miniature blinds

Uh oh…

I just realised I didn’t remake the pot holder that was so ingloriously sucked up by the dreaded vacuum cleaner. Maybe now my skills are up to it I will give it another shot.  Isn’t it strange how there are some simple things you just cannot make, yet some more detailed are so easy?  I think that is what attracts some of us to the world of miniature making – that feeling of joy when you make something that makes people say *WOW* is so addictive =)

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