El Cheapo Dollhouse gets a kitchen…

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Whats going on in the Elcheapo Dollhouse..

In the last instalment I had all finished rooms of the El Cheapo dollhouse ready for moving in.  Baseboards even – I am nothing if not ambitious =)  Of COURSE I didn’t take into account that kitchens look stupid sticking out in front of baseboard…duh.

SO the newly finished inside dollhouse got it’s first renovation – ripping out the baseboards! I feel so powerful.

dollhouse reno

finished bits go in and a new skill discovered!

So I had finished my sink unit, my little stove and fridge.  After playing about with different variations I discovered the one I liked but had a problem – I needed a counter to fill the corner.  I managed to take some rough measurements and knocked up a counter that more or less fits right in there! Can you say amazement.  Didn’t know I had that in me but hey….my grandfather was a cabinetmaker – it must be in the genes.

miniature counter built in  dollhouse kitchen fitted

moving in…

Now I have a kitchen and have to make MANY things to fill it.  Wow, this is gonna take a LONG time.  Because I have already started other projects on the side including a 1:48 (quarter scale shop) and refurbishing some 1:12 scale furniture.  I usually document each finished piece on instagram so I can start seeing if my work gets better over time.  There has been tragedy…. Check out my instagram for the daily updates on things I suddenly decide to make.


What Did I Learn?

  1. Plan ahead ya eejit!
  2. Halfscale items are way less robust then1:12 scale =P
  3. I need to STOP losing things =(

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