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dollhouse elcheapo

The Base

I had been making miniatures but had never had a dollhouse – ever!  Not even as a child because…well I hate dolls!  With a passion, they creep me out.  Also we moved around A LOT so transporting a humongous dollhouse just wasn’t going to happen.

I decided my first *try* at a dollhouse would have to be cheap and in a smaller scale than 1:12.   So off to Ebay I went and got this approximately 1:24 tab kit for about $40 Australian (free shipping!) China is my friend =)

The instructions were, funnily enough, in Chinese and the pieces unlabelled. Luckily I am very determined and have pretty good engineering/spacial skills and managed to put it together after labelling every piece as per the diagram.  IT TOOK ME AGES YES! I did the interior and exterior painting before assembly mostly.  I also added real shingles because painted on ones weren’t doing it for me. Tada! My first ever dollhouse.

The Exterior

dollhouse elcheapo front

Of course I decided to go with my favourite colours for my first dollhouse build. White stucco (I used white wood filler putty with white acrylic paint smoothed on and then textured by using a small palette knife – 2 coats) and black wood trims. I trimmed back all the tabs because who wants tabs sticking out all over the place?

I added trims over the top of the awnings (bamboo skewers sliced in half) because I hated the gap on the top. For the front doors I made cutouts for glass and filled them with plastic from some packaging painted with some hot pink (I know it looks red in this pic) alcohol type textas. I also added a door surround.

I made the tiling with some textured scrapbooking paper (white) and glueing them on in a pleasing-to-me tile style =)

dollhouse elcheapo side

The Interior

dollhouse elcheapo open





dollhouse elcheapo room details

For my interior dollhouse inspiration I thought back on all the old Victorian style houses I have rented in the past.  High ceilings demanded that I add some cornice and skirting (theres a learning experience for ya!)  The original stairs had open treads so I added a back to them and stair treads to match the floor.  The floor is just the original wood of the kit which I stained with a driftwood stain and clear coated.  The windows were just like,  holes, so I added some window surrounds made from the ever useful popsicle sticks.

I now have a dollhouse!

Wow but these rooms are SO small! Next article will be about deciding what room to put where and realising the simple mistakes I made by NOT planning ahead 😉





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