Miniature Kit Makeover 1

 What it was supposed to look like:

Ok so I got my first miniature kit in 1:24 scale (half scale). I think it was called Summer Afternoon from the Long Vacation series. I could tell you more if I hadn’t thrown the box away =) I got it online at Banggood and it was about AUS$19 – a pretty good price really for what you get.  I really wanted to see how these photo frame little boxes are made so I can make them myself.  The original kit was supposed to look like this:

original miniature kit
Ugh way to yellow and plaidy and flowery for me.


What it ended up looking like:

miniature kit chairminiature kit sidetableminiature kit hutch

I had to change just about everything! It’s hard to see but the walls are sponged blue and grey and I love the way they turned out.  I did a popsicle stick floor in distressed white – my first one!  I didn’t use any of the supplied paper plates as I just don’t like them!  The jug on the hutch is from the kit but I painted it. The items in the basket ARE from the kit as are the coffee bags.  The lighthouse I added rocks to, painted some of the shells and yeah everything else I changed.

How it looks complete:

miniature kit completedminiature kit outside

I added some nice paper to the outside of the box as it is so visible when hanging on the wall.

I love it! And it is now hanging over my desk in the living room and even got the seal of approval from Mr Loverat who said *that’s f*cking amazing*.

All in all it was fun and like doing a mini makeover so I just might get some of the other kits in this series to complete. I have SO much wallspace in our house 😉




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