Miniature Kitchen Progress


miniature kitchen 1

I have been very busy filling my kitchen with miniature bits and pieces.  I really like the lived in look. If only I didn’t go off on mini tangents I am pretty sure it would be finished by now =) The list of things to do never ends does it?


But what’s this?

miniature kitchen 2

Behind the stairs is a space!  But we can’t have that.  I know in a real house that space would be getting worked over asap.  As my kitchen is small and has very limited counter space I am going to build in a counter that fits behind the stairs and wraps around to the side of the stairs.  I was even considering a drop down breakfast table/half size counter.

You know the feeling – WANT to finish mini kitchen – but keep finding more things I want to do!

Speaking of “to do”…kitchen to do list:

  • Make super behind/around stairs counter
  • And look at that space next to the stove – that looks like it could be something..
  • Make a runner rug.  Kitchens aren’t right unless I am tripping over something..rug/dog/husband
  • RE-MAKE the pot holder I sucked up in my mini-vacuum while cleaning my workspace…while it had some wet glue happening – irreversible damage =D
  • Make the blinds
  • Get the wall art happening next to the stairs.
  • Make a couple more little things for the shelf over the sink.
  • Remake my teacups by finding a better way to make teensy teacups that rean’t so fragile.
  • Hang my teacup hook and put aformentioned teacups on it.



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