Range hood, Microwave and Shelving

Oh yes I’m catching up!

So many things to catch up on with the progress of the kitchen but I need to do it so I can get on to posting a couple of tutorials. I can’t do things out of order it’s just one of those peculiar things that I have to deal with 😉


So a corner range hood was a bit challenging but I knew I wanted a circular style with a shelf for some spice jars. I had some old outdoor solar lights with an interesting shape so I stuck a bunch of them together and made a bottom cover from basswood. I couldn’t make seamless joins so I added some metal to cover them up. I had to make sure I could still thread my light down through the tube. I finished off the bottom with some painted plastic mesh for the filter.


And here it is in all it’s glory! Let’s not talk about how I am ever going to change the globe in the future ….. pffft future schmuture. And don’t look at that nasty corner =)


Hmm I thought I had some progress shots of the microwave but nada! It was a pretty easy process. I made a box out of basswood.  The window surround is cardstock and the window is plastic mesh and a piece of acrylic.  I stuck a turntable and plate inside and hand wrote the touch pad because printing out one little tiny touch pad just  wasn’t fast enough for me! I went with white because I didn’t need anymore stainless in this corner.



I decided long ago I didn’t want upper cabinets just some open shelving and a bit of this and that. For my crockery I made two shelves from reclaimed wood and metal held up with some corbels I bought ages ago “just in case”.  The white shelf I made from basswood, leftover pieces of wood from the pop outs for my El Cheapo house and a bit of chain all painted white. This one holds all the nom-nom bickies and cakes.



Next up is BIG stuff the island, a dining set and bar stools!


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