1:12 Scale Capacious Colonial – Bedroom Completion!

A bit of “dressing up”

I had never had a reason to make miniature girly things so I really enjoyed this phase of dressing the bedroom! I decided to make a hanging wallboard to keep all the necessary accessories any girl might need. Then I got to work making mini bags, hats, scarves and jewellery to fill it.

bags bangles earrings hats necklaces scarves

Hanging on the board

accessory board

Window dressing

I made a roller blind out of one of the ubiquitous placemats and painted it black.

bedroom blind

The finished room..

Well, I do still need to add some hanging clothes and shoes to the closet – but it will have to wait until the inspiration and urge hit me – it may never happen because I’m not really that into clothing or shoes – yeah, I’m one of those weird women. I made the lighting fixture out of some bits of Kaiser plywood scrapbooking embellishments inspired by a farmhouse style light I saw on Pinterest.

All things considered I think the room turned out just the way I envisaged it and the bed looks really comfy. Of course when I took the photos the bedside lamp wasn’t playing nice so I need to get in and fix that at some stage.




And that’s the second last room finished..next it’s onto the attic space. And I just spotted my face in the mirror – kinda freaky.

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