Miniature Kit Makeover 3

What it was supposed to look like:

actual porch kit

All very pretty…it was the little rabbit planter that did it for me – how cuuuuuuute is that? I love these frame kits I can hang on the wall near my pc in the living area – for inspiration while I’m skiiving off from mini making 😉 I find miniature kit makoevers very relaxing!

What it ended up looking like:


Oh yeah…I changed this one a LOT. Made it more Australian with a real wood floor, corrugated iron, weatherboard a skylight in the traditional old style made from green ..err…see through stuff (omg can’t remember the real name of that stuff! Hello old age, pleased to see you). A rusty doorknob and an old iron key. I aged all the furniture and added my own plants.  The broken table has been fixed by drilling a big hole in an old book and using it as a base.  And seeing as how I made this just before Christmas I decided to add a natural style tree.  This was my only mini nod to Christmas this year. I am really pleased with how this turned out and is definitely more my style. I like old and dirty…I guess it reminds me of myself lol. Again this cost me about AU$18 with free shipping from China.

Looking forward to my next kitbash!

Some detail pics follow:


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