1-24 Elcheapo Lounge

1-24 (halfscale) Elcheapo Loungeroom is done!

I am trying to catch up on all my progress as I got very blog slack the last few months of 2017.  What’s new? Hah!

The 1-24 scale project continues to progress and should be totally finished in the next few weeks.  This all depends on whether I decide to make a base with some landscaping or just do the house and it’s verandah.  Haven’t decided yet.

Anhooooo, here is the finished loungeroom!

1-24 loungeroom2

I am very happy with this room! (apart from the dirt on the floor but hey, that’s like my real house hardwood floors, always covered with stuff 5 mins after vacuuming). I custom built the divan style lounge to fit around into the bay window and the tv unit to fit around the stairs to save space and I’m pretty chuffed with my carpentry. The pink rug and cushions were crocheted by my lovely mum and I added some pom pom love.

1-24 loungeroom1

1-24 loungeroom3

I made the tv from a screen from some cheap chinese music player I bought for my old car and yep that’s the walking dead featuring on the screen! All in all I really like the way it turned out using my absolute favourite colour combo of black/white/hot pink. In deference to my very manly husband I don’t use a lot of PINK in our real house except for outdoors on the back deck. Hey, a relationship is a compromise 😉

What’s Next?

I have actually finished the bedroom/office attic but have a few kit bashes to post first.  The attic actually has a REAL light and I am keen to share with people the easy peasy way I worked out to have a light without the need for batteries and wires and all that complicated stuff to deal with.  Cheap too – and that’s always important.


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