1-24 Elcheapo Bed Study and Office in the attic

Elcheapo Dollhouse Interior is finished with the Bed Study Office Attic Space

1-24 bed study attic 1

Hurrah for finishing the interior of my first 1-24 dollhouse project! I feel a little bereft – sometimes finishing a project of any kind leaves me a little sad =/ But it IS fabulous that the mini person who lives in this house doen’t wear clothing because there was absolutely no room for a wardrobe.  It reflects how I feel – that I would rather have a crafting space than worry about clothing 😉 Slanty walls make furniture placement difficult, especially when there is a stairwell smack dab in the middle of the space.

Bedroom Bits

This is not the original bed I made ( my very first Instagram post shows that bed) – while I did love it – it was way too big for the space. This bed was made using a tutorial by the lovely Cinderella Moments (she makes the most wonderful scratch built houses – you must look if you haven’t seen her work). The original tutorial was for 1-12 scale so I just modified it – find the original tutorial here.

1-24 bed study attic 2

1-24 bed study attic 4

The bench at the end of the bed was one of the first things I made, way before the house was even built so was the mirror and the the shopping bag.  These were things I made when I was just trying out this smaller scale. The artwork in the bedroom are scrapbooking thingies (ugh what’s that word?) – embellishments! I found in the Reject Shop.  I like wooden things and can’t help myself when they are like $2 for a whole packet! The bedding I made from old clothes and a hot pink scarf I bought at the Op Shop – I cannot resist anything hot pink – it makes my eyes happy =)

The Study Office

1-24 bed study attic 31-24 bed study attic 5

The desk is a Petite Properties kit and I even made a teeny cutting mat for it as that is where the mini person would do their all important crafting.  She has actually just finished crafting a teacup scene featuring a castle – clever girl 😉 The white pillow basket I made using the old “cross-stitching fabric and glue stretched over a form” technique. The rug is made from braided cheap fine string I got at – the Reject Shop of course! Then I just added some general junk including an old wooden sewing machine and yeah…stuff!

The only lit room in the house

1-24 bed study attic 7

And we have light! I thought because the attic was so dark (and face it – black kinda made it darker) I should try and make some sort of working light. I really didn’t want to wire my first house so I just ruminated on it for ages.  Then one day while browsing my fave Chinese sites on Ebay I came across this awesome set of earrings that have LED lights in them. They light up when the shaft is pushed into the back of the earring, and at AU$1 a pair (free shipping) I bought a bunch of them.  I will be making more of these lights for my Capacious Colonial and will be throwing up a tutorial of some kind at a later date.

I’m happy with my first interior and have learnt so much while making all this stuff! I have decided to make some landscaping and finish the verandah so the next post will be the final for the Elcheapo.

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