Finished the Elcheapo – my first Halfscale project

Finshed Halfscale Elcheapo

Well really…my first project if I’m going to be real. Exciting? You betcha.  Being bipolar, I have often had trouble finishing anything! This is the longest I have stuck at anything – so clearly mini’s ARE my thang =) and I do like this halfscale bizzo.

The first thing I tackled was the porch.  Not…much…room there so I opted for an old table with some plants.

halfscale elcheapooutside4

halfscale elcheapooutside3

Added some winchimes and a house number. I went for the *less is more* theory of decorating hah!


I have played The Sims from 1 – 4 (not 3 though I hated the puddin’ faces) But I never really played…I just built and decorated – bit like how I don’t use dolls. If you want to have a look at my Sims 2 builds have a look here. I am actually thinking of making The Gingerbread or Farley’s Factory as scratch builds at some time in halfscale. It would be really interesting to actualise something I made in 2D real in 3D.

SO, I couldn’t have the house just sitting there and it had been living on this old bamboo chopping board the entire time I was building it so I decided to do a little landscaping scene. We had some fake grass hanging about (we do NOT like lawnmowing so its all paving and fake grass in the backyard at our house) but of course it was way too long. I spent an hour or so trimming off little bits which I then stuck to the board with good old PVA glue. It turned out ok! Better than out of scale grass that made it look somewhat alien. The path I made from some cardboard and I used white acrylic paint and plaster and built the stones up.

The Tree

Oh the tree, it took me SO long to punch, shape and stick those bloody leaves on bits of sewing cotton I thought I would go MAAAAAAAAAD! For the trunk and boughs, I used some of that soft art wire wrapped with masking tape.  What sort of tree IS it you may ask? It’s the famous Australian Loverat tree – the stick on leaves until it sort of looks like a tree tree =) I also made a shrubbery (Ni!) out of some green stuff I got in one of my kits and added some blue flowers – because pretty!

halfscale elcheapooutside2

halfscale elcheapooutside1

So now she is finished and sits proudly on top of the printer on my puter desk in the living room.  I wish I had tracked the hours spent, just because I am a details kinda person and I like to KNOW stuff.

So many lessons learned

1: I will never use a slot and tab kit again!

2: Instructions are much easier in your own language.

3: Plan your rooms – at least a little bit so you don’t have to pull off baseboards and stuff.

4: Mix enough paint to cover ALL the areas you plan on painting and then some MORE for touch ups.

5: Gluing is an art form in and of itself.

6: Don’t hold your tube of superglue in your mouth, it WILL stick to your teeth.

7: Keep all the pieces for a project in ONE project box.

8: Think about putting plastic in the windows at the START of the build – not when finished (duh).

9: The carpet has the magical ability to suck up any small piece your drop – it will never be seen again.

10: If something isn’t working for you, drop it and do something else and come back to it later!

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