Stainless Steel Refrigerator – tutorial by MonsterKook

Choosing my fridge

I’m back … WordPress can be a pain in the proverbial and I kept putting off trying to fix it. Now it works again!

After doing the floors, ceiling and lights in the kitchen I got really excited to make a fridge! Off to YouTube where I came across this stainless steel fridge tutorial by MonsterKook.  Of course, it was the most challenging as the tute has no written instructions, although it does have a material list in the details. So, after waiting endless days my metal arrived in the mail!. I got two types – a sticky backed aluminium of 1mm and a 1mm sheet aluminium.  The main body of the fridge is made of matboard.


Building the inside

This is a four door fridge with a water/ice dispenser. You could easily mod this as a two door model or even a 3 door! The inside shelves are made of basswood. At this stage all is going well!


Painted a nice crisp white…so very fridgey=)



Handles and pretendey ice maker made – feeling well chuffed at this point! Also added the acrylic bits to the inner shelves etc.

And then the let down…

This is the danger time for me on all projects – the nearly finished stage – this is when I go bull at a gate and stuff things up.  I had SUCH trouble making the hinges fit and stick and not look crap that I kept making it look worse.  Being the impatient brat I can be when I am getting bored of something I couldn’t wait to get some glue that was appropriate to stick the hinges…no.  So I just stuck the doors on and said “I didn’t care for an opening fridge anyway”. I did only stick them with basic white glue so I could take them off and fix the problems but…yeah…nah as we say in Australia =)

Still, it looks like a real stainless fridge and that was the plan all along.  I will more than likely redo this at some stage for another kitchen and at that time I will write up a tutorial.


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