Miniature Kitchen Sink Unit by Melissa

miniature kitchen sink
Miniature sink!

The Original Tutorial

I love miniature kitchens! Even when *playing* (well, just building really) Sims games making kitchens is my favourite thing.

I came across this lovely tutorial for a 1:24 scale kitchen sink unit on Pinterest and headed over to Melissa’s Minaturien to check it out.

The tutorial is in both English and Dutch with easy to follow photo’s and a printable template. As an added bonus for me – the measurements are in Metric thus saving my brain from having to work too hard.

My Changes

Going with the aesethic of the El Cheapo I went with a wood and distressed white look.  I added a miniature pipe under the sink (made from a plastic Q-tip and card stock) and a tin backsplash. I will be adding a quick and easy tutorial for making the backsplash as soon as I get some in action pics. I used bass wood instead of card stock – because I love wood!

To make it feel more real for me I made some hinges from soft metal and a tiny plug from some soft black plastic I had lieing around. Small seed beads with added silver no hole beads completed the knobs.  The curtain is a bit of ribbon – which I will remake once my Fray Stop comes in the mail from Canada.

My taps are silver seed beads with a drop of acrylic paint added and the tap is made from a lobster clip for jewellery making.

Is it perfect? No way – this is my second piece and already I think I could do better!

What Did I Learn?

  1. I really need to source a decent mini jig for gluing – I am currently using a cobbled together contraption of plastic trays, mousemat foam, erasers, bits of wood and cardboard. Serious.
  2. I need to learn how to sand so things stay perfectly flat and stop making humps =D
  3. Glue, while still my enemy, is slowly being mastered.



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