Miniature Kit Makeover 2

What it was supposed to look like:

I enjoyed making the last miniature kit so much I thought I would find another..but this time I opted for a lantern style.  Fancy schmancy.  You can have a little stand thing it hangs off as well but yeah..nah not using that.

actual miniature lantern kit

Why would you have ICECREAM buckets in a living room bookcase thingy? AND baked beans…sure it’s actually a nice logo but I don’t want to use it as deco lol.

What it ended up looking like:

miniature lanter kit sideminiature lantern kit front

Glammed it up in black, silver and white and a new gray and white stone tile floor in a moroccan pattern.  I made a lot of little bits for this but I particularly like the silver plant holder and tray.  Metal is fun I hope to do heaps more in the future. And the light on top actually works so I sometimes use it late at night when I am on my pc … saves power and looks purty!

Anyway, much more to my taste and I won’t have icecream leaking all over my lovely floor =) I think these kits might be smaller than 1:24 actually – they might be 1:32.  I grabbed this one off ebay for about A$17 free shipping from China.

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