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Well, it’s been YEARS since I updated but the world and my world have both changed a lot since my last post.

With the incursion of the “pandemic” everything was turned upside down.  I couldn’t even post parcels to customers overseas unless I paid premium rates of $$ costing more than the miniatures I sell!   So I fell into a funk and lost my mini mojo altogether.  My husband hurt himself at work and then the mandates started.  We were living in the city with the harshest shutdowns in the world, Melbourne, and we were NOT happy.

So, we sold our modern coastal house in Victoria and bought an old farmhouse in country Queensland.  We didn’t see it in person, but relied on photos and a relative taking a look at it.  Scary stuff and it sure is the pinnacle of shopping online.  Finally in January of 2022 we made the huge move which was a comedy of errors including: having our stuff picked up TWO weeks earlier than anticipated, driving through the worst floods in years in Australia in my Hyundai packed to the roof and with a 14 yo dog in 38C heat, and the moving truck getting stuck in mud up to the axles when they dropped our stuff off.

We are SO glad we moved.  There is sunshine in winter, we have lots of land, we grow our own vegies, are at least partially self sufficient and mortgage free!

But the house is small and I needed to keep a bedroom free for guests (especially my mum) so I decided to put my crafting space in the old apple packing shed.  Pros: Plenty of room and I can make as much mess as I want! Cons: Lizards, possums, rat’s and mice and WAY too cold in winter.  We live at the highest point of Queensland amidst a plethora of wineries and orchards – so it can get down to -10C overnight!

Ahhh the beauty of Bessa block buildings with a tin roof and concrete floor!


I was against the wall, but every time the wind blows dirt would fall all over my desk.  Also, the possum uses the beams as a highway WHILE peeing and pooping at the same time, mostly when he was near my desk!

Move to the middle then..


That’s great at least there is no pee all over my desk but still too cold to work out there in winter.  So what happens, I start bringing stuff into the office in the house with predictable results..

Oh dear

There is stuff all over the floor, the living room coffee table and even in the kitchen but I can’t just NOT do stuff!

Anyway, our plan is to reroof the packing shed and drywall it in (keeping the cathedral style ceiling of course) and I will lay some laminate floor for MY space.  For now, I am just looking forward to Spring springing in a few weeks so I can get back out there! This week’s plan is to reopen my Etsy shop and make some new items – right now I am so into making polymer clay bread I think I’m obsessed!

I have so many updates to post because I have done quite a lot of mini-work since we moved here – including finishing the My 1-12 Scale Dollhouse -The Capacious Colonial



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